Stomach Flattening

Stomach Flattening


Stomach Flattening program starts with a muscle relaxation using vacuum therapy which helps in mobilizing and breaking down the excessive accumulated stubborn adipose tissue through its sucking and releasing action. After they are broken down, the fat can be more easily converted into energy and consumed by the body. It improves body metabolism and increases blood supply to the tissues, next it is followed by Stimulator therapy program. The therapist will identify extra muscle points (which is referred as “Motor Points”) in the body and Program is set for 60 minutes per session. Once the program starts, the mild pulse enters into the body and reduces extra fat, extra water, and provide muscle tightness. Excessive Fat will get reduced through sweating, motion etc. The customer can take this program in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere by watching TV, Listening to Music or Reading books.

The basic benefits are stomach flatness, skin tightness, muscle toning and body reshaping.

Stomach Flattening is recommended for all who are obese and fat tummy.

We meet 3 times a week.